Lunchtime Lay Down . These 30/45 minute sessions are designed to help you enter a state of deep relaxation, to perhaps take time out of a busy working day and to refresh/recharge your energy. We recommend laying down for maximum relaxation but if you’re experienced and comfortable with sitting, this works also! The guided component will finish after 30 minutes allowing workers or anyone looking for a shorter session to leave at this time, or, if you do have the time, stay for an extra 15 minutes exploring your inner self. 

Each session will be different and will be a mix of Mindfulness based Meditations, Heart centred Meditations, crystal bowl and sound Meditations.

 Sit Class. Learn to sit! This is a 30 minute Mindful Meditation class for beginners to advanced Meditators. The main technique used is awareness of breath and each week we will explore a different foundation of Mindfulness Practice (Acceptance, Letting Go, Patience, Non Judgement, Beginners Mind, Non Striving and Trust). This is a guided session with longer periods of silence and space for you to develop your practice. The intention for this class is that once you understand how this technique works, you can use it at home/whenever you like! You will get the most out of this class if you attend regularly. This style of Meditation can be quite challenging if you’ve never sat in silence before – please don’t be put off by this and be patient with yourself. It does get easier with practice and if you’re up to the challenge, this style of Meditation is incredibly useful, and can be completely transformational.

Stretch and Sit. A 60 minute class that blends Yin and Restorative Yoga with a 15 - 20 minute Mindful Meditation at the end of class. For the first part of the class there is gentle breath work and simple, supported stretches using the bolsters. The intention here is to develop a deeper awareness of body and breath in preparation for seated Meditation. The seated component of the class is the same as what you will experience in a Sit class. (yes you can lay if sitting is not comfortable for you just yet). This can be a good class to ease your way into Mindful Meditation! BYO MAT IS A MUST TO THIS CLASS. 

 Move and Sit (new class starting soon). 60 minutes. Experience 40 minutes of slow mindful movement using gentle Yoga poses and mindful breathing, followed by 15 - 20 minutes of Mindful Meditation. The intention here is also to develop a deeper awareness of body and breath in preparation for seated Meditation in a slightly more active way than the stretch and sit class. This can also be a good class to ease your way into sitting! BYO MAT IS A MUST TO THIS CLASS. 

 Inner Connect (FREE). Come in and Meditate in your way; lay down, sit up, have a rest, relax, contemplate, reflect, journal or set intention. The space and props are available to you during this time to learn to nurture your self in a way that works for you. Please note: Although there will a teacher present, there is no specific guidance for these sessions and they will be best operated with very limited chatting/in silence. 

 Sunday Sound Bowl Meditation by donation. Experience a guided Meditation using crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. This is a deeply relaxing and really accessible way to enter a state of Meditation, suitable for complete beginner to advanced practitioners. These bowls resonate at different frequencies that can encourage the release/movement of stuck energy and alignment/harmony within. Other instruments and guests may also make an appearance! This class is run by donation with the option to pay by cash or card (recommended minimum of $5). PLEASE BYO MAT, props are available on a first in basis. 

Please note: If you are in the midst of a life trauma, emotional upheaval or instability that might require specific individual support, drop-in group classes may not be appropriate for you during this time. You can contact me at any stage if you have any questions about this. Although very powerful when practised consistently over time, Mindfulness and Meditation are not substitutes for specific medical or mental health treatment.