If you’re looking for deeper meaning and purpose or to simply experience more presence and calm, classes and events at Peaceful Minds Project can support you. Everyone is welcome and we cater to all levels, whether you're completely new to meditation or have been journeying on the spiritual path for a long time. 

Meditation Classes

All classes are held at Peaceful Minds Project studio (at The Station - Cnr of Scott and Watt Streets, Newcastle), except for Monday Night Yoga which is held at Merewether Surf Life Saving Club (above Blue Door Kiosk). 

Doors will open 15 minutes before each class and will be locked right on class start times. Please arrive no later than 5 minutes prior to class, as doors won’t be opened for late arrivals. Thank you for understanding and respecting this. Please turn up at least ten minutes early if it is your first time to allow for entry and payment processing. You will be asked to sign a waiver form on your first visit. 

We accept card or cash and there is no need to pre-book weekly classes. 

See the current timetable here.

Meditation Equipment

We have several mats as well as bolsters, eye pillows and some beautiful Meditation specific cushions and chairs for those who cannot be close to the ground. If you do have your own mat, please bring it with you as this will help ensure there is enough for everyone. 

While we do put the heater on in winter, the room has wooden floor boards,  so feel free to bring along anything else you may need to be comfortable when lying down for long periods of time (socks, pillows, extra blankets). 

Can I Attend Classes If I'm Pregnant?

Meditation is a wonderful practice to continue throughout your pregnancy. That being said, some of the yoga and other body work carried out during classes may not be appropriate for you during the early phases of your pregnancy. We do not recommend attending yoga or rest classes in the first or third trimester of your pregnancy. Other than that, you are very welcome to attend meditation classes. We encourage you to contact the studio before hand to discuss the needs of your body at this time, and/or arrive 15 minutes prior to class starting to ensure the teacher can support you in the best way possible.

Regular Meditation Practice

Keep in mind, Mindfulness and Meditation works best when practised consistently. Whilst you may feel some benefits by attending a one off class, the real transformation happens when you make the commitment to practise regularly.


Yoga in Merewether

This is the only class held outside of the studio - LOCATED AT MEREWETHER SLSC (ABOVE BLUE DOOR KIOSK). This is a 60 minute class overlooking the ocean (with heaters!). We move gently through a series of Yoga postures using breath awareness and embodiment as a central focus. This is a well balanced class of gentle - moderate movement, stretching and relaxation. Learn to be more present, more in your body, less in your mind, and to release unwanted tension along the way. BYO MAT IS A MUST TO THIS CLASS.

Lunchtime Lay Down 

These 30 minute sessions are designed to help you enter a state of deep relaxation, to perhaps take time out of a busy working day and to refresh/recharge your energy. We recommend laying down for maximum relaxation but if you’re experienced and comfortable with sitting, this works also! The guided component will finish after 30 minutes allowing workers or anyone looking for a shorter session to leave at this time, or, if you do have the time, stay for an extra 15 minutes exploring your inner self. Each session will be different and will be a mix of Mindfulness based Meditations, Heart centred Meditations all using the calming sounds of crystal singing bowls. BYO MAT IF YOU HAVE ONE, otherwise there are some spares at the studio.

Rest (new class time coming soon)

60 minutes of sweet deep relaxation and rest. Using restorative Yoga poses (very gentle supported poses using bolsters and blankets) to find stillness in the body, your nervous system will make it’s way into parasympathetic operation (rest mode). Perfect for healing, resetting and tension release accumulated by stress of any kind. This class will end with an extra long relaxation using sound bowls. Bliss!

Sound Bowl Meditation (new time Mondays 7.15pm)

Experience a guided Meditation using crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. This is a deeply relaxing and really accessible way to enter a state of Meditation, suitable for complete beginner to advanced practitioners. These bowls resonate at different frequencies that can encourage the release/movement of stuck energy and alignment/harmony within. Other instruments and guests may also make an appearance! PLEASE BYO MAT, props are available on a first in basis. 

Deep Rest Sunday Sessions with Jess Wells

Experience the magic and deep healing of the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a style of guided meditation that is practiced while lying down and requires absolutely no prior yoga or meditation experience. There are many benefits to this practice, from stress reduction and physical/mental health support to increased learning capacity and creativity, but the real way to experience the benefits is to come and experience for yourself. For more info about this class, or in you have any questions, contact Jess. Email: or via Insta @jesswells. PS Come for Nidra. Stay for tea. BYO MUG.

Please note: If you are in the midst of a life trauma, emotional upheaval or instability that might require specific individual support, drop-in group classes may not be appropriate for you during this time. You can contact me at any stage if you have any questions about this. Although very powerful when practised consistently over time, Mindfulness and Meditation are not substitutes for specific medical or mental health treatment. Please refer to class information page for more on practising whilst pregnant.