Meditation Classes in Newcastle, NSW

Do you experience stress? Tension in your body? A busy mind? You are always welcome at Peaceful Minds Project, a space of healing and relaxation.  Located in the heart of Newcastle, close to the water with free parking and a beautiful view over the foreshore, Peaceful Minds Project is here for you. Why not take an hour out of your day, reconnect with yourself and discover the endless expanse of peace and love always accessible within you.

Located in the reinvigorated former Newcastle Train Station site, Peaceful Minds Project is a spacious meditation studio offering regular drop-in mindfulness and sound healing classes. These sessions are lovingly designed to help you release accumulated physical and mental tension, to train your nervous system to be in a more parasympathetic state (relax mode) and to give you time for yourself to reconnect and completely chill out.

The space also hosts a variety of special events with guest teachers exploring a range of healing modalities to help you let go of the thinking mind and drop more freely into feeling. The mission of the Peaceful Minds Project is to empower more people to live with a peaceful mind and an open heart to experience the rich depths of their own being. 

To stay in touch with all upcoming events and special happenings please be our friend on Facebook or follow us on Instagram @PeacefulMindsProject.